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The wool industry can end mulesing

What you can do as a farmer, supplier or fashion brand

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A change is on the horizon

Find out about mulesing-free methods leading the way

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See where brands around the globe stand

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Together, we can work towards a mulesing-free wool industry

Until today over 10 million merino lambs in Australia have had to endure the cruel and outdated practice called mulesing. Luckily, alternatives are available and tested by the industry to put mulesing in the past and prepare for the future.

Industry information

From progressive farming, suppliers who care, brands who value animal welfare, and you, the employee are part of the change.

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FOUR PAWS Investigates Mulesed-Wool in Global Sportswear

Our report reveals there is no evidence for Nike’s mulesing-free claim

Australian Merino sheep

Progress in Australia: Economic study shows switching to non-mulesed sheep is a success

Wool producers see both financial gain and improved sheep welfare when adopting mulesing-free methods 

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Mulesing Alternatives

FOUR PAWS recommends sheep friendly opportunities

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Our Progress: Timeline to End Mulesing

How FOUR PAWS is committed to ending the cruel mutilation practice of sheep mulesing


Learn about the mulesing-free way

Take a look at industry leaders who are paving the way to sheep-friendly wool 

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Brand Highlight: ORTOVOX Wool Promise

How the German mountain sports brand is leading the way to happy sheep and happy customers 

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Wool Supplier Highlight: ‘The Schneider Group’ helps to end mulesing

The company's sustainability manager explains their journey to sheep-friendly practices

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Farm Highlight: The future is non-mulesed

How an Australian wool producing family successfully ended the painful practice of mulesing

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A Guide for Brands and Retailers

A helpful guide for fashion brands and retailers looking to make the switch to sheep-friendly materials

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Webinars on Sheep Welfare Within the Wool Industry

Watch the FOUR PAWS wool trainings to learn more about animal-friendly practices in wool production


See where brands around the globe stand

Are they prioritising sheep welfare?

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Here's how you do it: #StopCruelWool and commit to certified mulesing-free wool

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Brand Letter of Intent

Textile brands are moving away from mulesed sheep wool and call for a more ethical mulesing-free wool industry

Sheep in Australia

The FOUR PAWS brand-check

Are your favourite brands mulesing-free?

Brands against Mulesing

Brands against Mulesing

Hope for stopping the cruel mutilation of merino lambs


Wool Industry News and Updates

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