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Mulesing lambs is a global issue

What you should know about this harmful process

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Welfare focused solutions for change

How mulesing lambs can become a thing of the past

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Mulesing issues and solutions

Mulesing lambs is a cruel practice carried out across Australia, where 90% of the world's fine merino wool is produced. 

Young lambs are subjected to painful mutilations in an effort to avoid flystrike, which is an issue caused by the warm climate and over-breeding. 

Learn about this harmful process

Sheep in Australia

Mulesing Infographic

Learn about the cruel process that lambs face in Australia

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Mulesing FAQs

Have a question? We answered the most common mulesing questions

Sheep in Australia

Myths about Mulesing of Sheep

Fact or Fiction? Find out the truth about mulesing!

The Bloody Business with Wool

The Bloody Business with Wool

Learn more about mulesing, and how to demand Wool with a Butt, in this printable PDF leaflet.

Welfare focused solutions for change

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Mulesing Alternatives

FOUR PAWS recommends sheep friendly opportunities

Sheep with two lambs runs to the flock of sheep

Our Progress: Timeline to End Mulesing

How FOUR PAWS is committed to ending the cruel mutilation practice of sheep mulesing

Australian Merino sheep

Progress in Australia: Economic study shows switching to non-mulesed sheep is a success

Wool producers see both financial gain and improved sheep welfare when adopting mulesing-free methods 

Sheep with lambs in a barn

Farm Highlight: The future is non-mulesed

How an Australian wool producing family successfully ended the painful practice of mulesing

Merino sheep in a field

Brand Highlight: ORTOVOX Wool Promise

How the German mountain sports brand is leading the way to happy sheep and happy customers 

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Wool Supplier Highlight: ‘The Schneider Group’ helps to end mulesing

The company's sustainability manager explains their journey to sheep-friendly practices

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